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When to Clean Your Dryer Vent

02/14/2014 Back To Blog

Dryer vents, as many may know, can pose some serious problems to a homeowner. Besides the risk of fire, there is also the possibility of releasing deadly carbon monoxide into the home. It makes sense to have dryer vent cleaning done, but when is the best time?Air Duct Replacement 24/7 Services


Consider the Variables

The length of your dryer vent is a big factor in determining when, and how often, it will need cleaned. Shorter ones will have less buildup and need clean less frequently. The number of people in the home is a variable as well. More family members equals the need for more frequent cleaning.


What about Seasons?

Should dryer vent cleaning be done in a certain season? It may make more sense to have a Dryer Vent cleaning company do the work in the summer time. Summer normally means more laundry, especially with kids in the house. You want to make sure the vents are cleaned and free of debris as the usage starts to go up. Another reason for a summer cleaning has to do with birds. Birds often seek the comfort of a warm dryer vent during the chilly months. By summer time, they have stopped breeding and have moved away.


Be Aware of Your Machine’s Performance

Take note of how your dryer operates. If it starts taking longer and longer for your clothing to dry, it may be time for Dryer Vent Cleaning regardless of the time of year. Anything over 45 minutes should raise an eyebrow as to the performance of your machine. The motor is working too hard and that is also a potential fire hazard. An overheated motor can ignite trapped debris. Also note how your clothing appears when dry. If you find any orange or brown marks on the clothing or if you notice that your machine isn’t even heating up, it is time for a cleaning.

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