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The experts give you FAQ information.

The authoritative answers to air duct cleaning questions. The experts give you FAQ information. Learn more about the frequency of air duct cleaning, its duration and benefits to your business.

Why is it necessary to protect ducts from condensation?

Condensation is a problem in air ducts because water can cause corrosion on the ducts (if it is the metal type). If condensation happens outside of the ducts, it can drip into the walls or ceilings and provide a thriving ground for molds and mildews. Experts at Air Duct Cleaning Lancaster can confirm that condensation inside the ducts can also lead to mold growth and corrosion. Ducts have to be insulated to prevent temperature differences from condensing humid air.

How often should air ducts be cleaned?

Generally, the outer surfaces should be maintenance-cleaned everyday or every other day. The air filter, on the other hand, needs replacement every 30 days. Periodic thorough cleaning may be done quarterly or twice a year. However, according to the EPA, it is enough to clean air ducts only when they are infested by insects or vermin or when molds and bacteria contaminate the air ducts. The EPA only recommends thorough cleaning when there is clogging or when foul odors are detected.

How can duct cleaning boost my business?

In addition to financial benefits, Air Duct Cleaning Lancaster advises that cleaning can also have a number of staff benefits. Cleaning will increase the air quality which your customers and staff are breathing throughout the day. Research has indicated that poor air quality can cause irritability, allergic reactions, headaches, asthma attacks and difficulty in sleeping. All these medical issues can make an unhappy and unproductive work force.

What’s the first step to proper HVAC unit maintenance?

After obtaining and installing a new HVAC unit, our experts say that the first thing to do is read the instruction manual and maintenance guidelines. This step goes a long way because proper care for a sophisticated HVAC unit helps maximize its usable life. The air duct system also benefits from the HVAC unit that works perfectly.

What does condenser unit cleaning involve?

For safety, the unit is first disconnected from the power outlet. The actual work starts with removing debris. The coil fins are washed with a specially formulated cleaner and a hose. A pressure washer shouldn’t be used as it can cause damage to the fins. Rinsing is the final step of the process. Bent coils have to be fixed or replaced, and should not be left in this condition.

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