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Whatever type of air duct you have, you can be sure to find these tips working well. Scroll below.

Curious about air duct cleaning guidelines? Read our best tips below!

Always check for mold

Air Duct Cleaning Lancaster experts make it a point for everyone to check their air ducts for mold if they intend to clean them. Areas with moisture and insufficient ventilation encourage mold growth. Furthermore, mold can affect the quality of air passing through the ducts, creating an unhealthy environment inside the home. With this in mind, it is imperative that the mold should be removed from the ducts by any means necessary.

Mechanical brush cleaning

Mechanical brush cleaning is similar to air sweep cleaning; only it combines the use of the vacuum and the rotary brush instead. Use the rotary brush to scrape up and loosen the dirt from the walls, while the vacuum sucks them in as they go airborne. This method is touted to be very effective in removing dirt, but is also known to be quite time-consuming; more so than air sweep cleaning.

The air ducts can cause allergies

Filthy air ducts can cause allergies because high amounts of harmful microorganisms and dirt are accumulated in the ducts and enter your house or office through the HVAC system. According to our specialists in Lancaster, contaminated environments can cause sneezing, coughing and other allergies.

Get insulated air ducts

If you are planning air duct replacement, focus on the good insulation of the new ones. The better they are insulated, the higher the indoor insulation will be. When air ducts are not insulated properly – as many old ones – you'll only lose energy and won't have good indoor temperatures.

Avoid long dryer vents

If you put the clothes dryer in the hall closet, the dryer vents will travel through other rooms to find an escape exit. Dryer vents cleaning will definitely be harder and lint will hide at the most impossible to reach parts of the vents according to our specialists in Lancaster. So, install the dryer closer to external walls.

Park facing your home

Our specialists suggest that one way to maintain clean air quality indoors is by parking your vehicle facing your home. The exhaust will not be facing the doors and windows and smoke will not be directed to your home. Smoke from the car pollutes the air and leaves marks on your walls.

Have the air filters changed often

Your air filters will cut down dramatically on the tiny particles floating in the air that irritate your lungs. However, changing your filters is often not enough to keep the inside of your home clean and fresh. Your home's air circulation system also needs to be kept operating at its peak efficiency. That's when you should have your air ducts cleaned professionally by our specialized team to provide clean and fresh air in your home every day of the year.

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