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Why Is Air Duct Mold Dangerous?

03/17/2014 Back To Blog

Why Is Air Duct Mold Dangerous?If air quality testing done in your home reveals the presence of mold spores in the air, then this is surely a cause of concern. Mold can easily grow in places where there is warmth and moisture at the same time. This makes the air ducts of your HVAC system the ideal candidates. The mold growing there can pose a serious threat to your family. That is why you should be extra careful and learn as much and possible and take the right measures for protection.

The Hidden Enemy

There are three major aspects associated with mold growth in the air ducts that you have to consider. The first one is that it may be very hard to spot even during regular maintenance procedures such as air filter replacement. The system is quite big and the culprit can be in the furthest corner.

The second factor which puts you and your loved ones at risk is the regular circulation of the air in your house performed by the HVAC system. The air is circulated at least five times per day. This means that your family can easily get exposed to the fungi and to their spores. What's more, this exposure will be continuous. You should expect poor indoor air quality.

The third factor which is extremely serious is that there are different types of mold causing different conditions. While some may cause mild irritation, most are potent allergens. There are also ones which can cause serious diseases. For all these reasons, efficient protection is crucial.

Effective Long-Term Protection

The best way to protect the air ducts from mold is regular air duct cleaning. It is best if it is accompanied with detailed inspection which shows how vulnerable to mold the system is. If there is a high risk of mold growth, the application of special chemicals may be included in HVAC maintenance. Take all necessary measures for preventing mold in the air ducts.

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